Votes for Women

Re-enactments of a Suffragette Protest - Victoria Park, London - Commissioned by Bow Festival

July 20, 2003


Suffragettes Draw Crowds
Weekend visitors to Victoria Park were greeted by unusual scenes as a group of Suffragettes, estimated by the organisers to number more than 60, took part in a series of protest actions. Watched by bemused onlookers, the women rowed onto the lake and raised umbrellas, printed in bold lettering. Sunny weather, accompanied by occasional gusts of wind, turned the umbrellas into sails, but the women persevered. Their message was clear for all to see: VOTES FOR WOMEN.

Midway through the afternoon, two dogs threatened to interrupt proceedings as they escaped from their owners and entered the water. They were soon brought under control, however, and the protest passed off without further incident.