CRESCENDO was filmed in Icebox Project Space – a former industrial cold storage building in North Philadelphia. As participants processed into the space – in order of height and speaking their initials, or any initials, (or barking) – the sharp staccato sounds became tones that extended and mingled in the long echo of the space. One month later, the resulting video was projected back into this huge space (the projection was 25′ x 80′), with two instances of the performance screening simultaneously.



I am off to Falmouth to present work at Where To? – a conference, tomorrow, on Walking and Art  at the University.




TO: was performed at the James A. Farley Post Office at 421 8th Avenue in NYC on May 3rd, 2014. I worked with participants to stage actions typical of a post office visit on the steps leading into the building. Often the re-enactments blended seamlessly into the actions already taking place. The video of this performance opens at AC Institute on Thursday, June 19, 6-8pm.