In Concert

Saturday Nov 25th – 3 pm
(Please arrive a bit early.)
The Swiss Church

79 Endell St, London WC2H 9DY

For In concert we will be re-enacting “taking our (assigned)
seats at a concert”. Hope to see you there!



ReflectionOnReflection a weekend exhibition and performances,
took place on the street and in the Gallery at TINTYPE , London.



(Set) in train is now online!



The Annual Group Photograph has a new site!



(Set) in train
The 17th Annual Group Photograph

Sunday, Oct 23rd – 3pm
Please arrive at 2:45

Railway Avenue, London SE16 4LF

The Sinking Shaft at the Brunel Museum leads to the Thames Tunnel, the world’s first underwater tunnel, opened in 1843.  Today the Shaft has a floor so trains entering and leaving the Tunnel pass directly beneath the space.  For (Set) in train we will join the journey, with the assistance of ambient sound and our knowledge of crowded trains. Dress warmly – the space is entirely underground.



I will be showing Fanfare for Crossing the Road at a weekend of events for the Walking Artists Network at Somerset House, on July 16th – 1-2pm.



THE ANSWERS CHORUS – Thursday, May 5th7:30pm
The Gallery, SPACE – 129 –131 Mare Street, London, E8 3RH
I need your voices to give me answers to the questions below! I want to create a chorus to add to the 17th Annual Group Photograph DID YOU HAVE BREAKFAST THIS MORNING?. To do this I will video you speaking the answers in rhythm. I have the photographs and I have the statistics. Now I would like to add the sound.
Drinks afterward!
Hope to see you there.


I have just done an interview with Brainard Carey on Yale University Radio for the Museumofnonvisibleart. He describes the Museum as Lives of the Most Excellent Artists, Curators, Architects, Critics and more, like Vasari’s book updated.



On reflection is now online: On the day our “real” group joined with our reflected selves. TINTYPE, with its vast glass frontage, turned inside out to became the stage for a series of surreal encounters. The resulting photographs show us with supernatural powers, unmoved as we are run over in traffic, entangled with strangers, and  invaded by buildings. Thank you to all who participated!

Assisted by Heather McDonough



Fanfare for Crossing the Road – Philadelphia

Philadelphia has now joined London, Helsinki, Lisbon, Cardiff and New York in this ongoing project. On September 3,2015, three piccolo players and three speakers performed a Fanfare at 38th St and Woodland Walk in Philadelphia.The temperature was 95F/35/C and their uniforms were wool -a truly heroic performance!