LeQuesnephotoHow do you do?
“All together now”; the commonplace; remembering gesture and ritual; thinking about sound; the role of the camera; task-based repetition; portable narratives.
I devise and document performances working with groups of people. I do not perform, I direct. My invitation to participate is completely open. My performances are not based in a theatrical tradition.
I always work with groups of people. I am interested in the social dynamics of groups – the ways that we become a group, form loyalties and identify with the group.
The live performance is a rehearsal, a series of “takes”, in which we work together to see what is possible. The action is filmed or photographed and becomes material for a subsequent re-staging from the documentation.

Ideas are one thing and what happens is another. John Cage

The artist’s all about reality/fiction and the way history is passed down. She’s also about community, and her re-enactments are open call stagings where she considers the participants her collaborators…. That spirit of art woven together with ordinary life pushes LeQuesne’s projects into a zone where art can live and be part of the discussion again with everybody at table. And that’s just great. Roberta Fallon

…perfectly mundane set up and the bizarre nature of seeing so many readers.  Melissa Jordan

I thought it was very strange how genuine and warm this whole experience felt, given that everyone was wildly applauding something that hadn’t happened. London City Nights – David James

They loved it, of course. One student found the ‘pretence’ or ‘fakeness’ (not in a negative way) of the piece interesting and said that it touched both her optimistic and pessimistic sides…how you can accept applause for not doing anything, but stepping in front of an audience…she also felt that when you step out at the end of a ‘play’/’performance’ in a theatrical context, that is when audience and performance actually interact. Also, they all liked the fact that inspiration for something can come from a very mundane or everyday situation and can trigger a work. Nadia Beri

What I love is the extra/ordinariness of it all. Simon Thorne


Recent Solo events / exhibitions

Fanfare for Crossing the Road – studio1.1, solo exhibition – London
Fanfare for Crossing the Road – (upcoming) – Dublin
In concert – the 20th Annual Group Photograph – The Swiss Church, Covent Garden, London
ReflectionOnReflection – weekend performances and exhibition – TINTYPE Gallery, London
in train – the 19th Annual Group Photograph – The Sinking Shaft, Brunel Museum, London
The Answers Chorus – SPACE Gallery, London
On reflection – the 18th Annual Group Photograph – TINTYPE, London
Ann-Marie LeQuesne – Icebox Project Space, Solo Exhibition, Philadelphia
Fanfare for Crossing the Road38th St & Woodland Walk, Philadelphia
CRESCENDO Icebox Project Space, Philadelphia
DID YOU HAVE BREAKFAST THIS MORNING? – The 17th Annual Group Photograph – Henry Moore Galleries, RCA, London
Ann-Marie LeQuesne – AC Institute, Solo Exhibition – New York
– Performance – New York City Post Office – 8th Ave. and 33rd St – New York
You are Here-The Annual Group Photograph  1997-2013 – Museum of the Photographic Archive, Lisbon – Solo exhibition

Fanfare for Crossing the Road – exhibition – PLATAFORMA REVÓLVER, Lisbon
POWERThe 16th Annual Group Photograph – London, Markfield Beam Engine Museum & Lisbon, Museu da Electrcidade
Game – Performance for Hidden River Festival – London N4
News – Performance for LUPAfete (lock-up performance art) – London E2
Fanfare for Crossing the Road – 23rd St and 7th Ave – New York
Rowing Home – The 15th Annual Group Photograph – 111 Charing Cross Road, London WC2
Encore– Performance for LUPA 13 – London E2
Ffanffer ar gyfer Croesi’r Ffordd – The crossing in front of Cardiff Castle Wall – Cardiff
Fanfare for Crossing the Road – Photographic Gallery Hippolyte, Helsinki
1 and 14 – The Annual Group Photograph at Central Saint Martins – The Window Gallery – CSM, London
Hive – Still Here – The 14th Annual Group Photograph, Central Saint Martins, Kings Cross, London
Fanfarra Para Atravessar a Rua – Performance – Praça do Comércio, Lisbon
Kadunylitysfanfaari – Performance – Central Railway Station, Helsinki
Fanfare for Crossing the Road – Performance – Albert Memorial, London